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We're not as stuck to the bigger picture as we were when we snapped out of the blur. 
Micro clicks that satisfies the deepest subtle desires fills the void.
Taps me out and lets me tap into the core that I am and start building with pieces 
scattered all around in the late night haze. 
I've discovered something far more deep and profound than I dare share 
with the everyday soldier in fear of what the knowledge might do to a 
newborn man or woman of thinking.

I've seen reason fail to fear and weakness.
Watched petty phobias of interaction stand tall and proud
while the raging powerful and suppressed instincts like a creature
crawls in the mud. 

One of these days the everything of everything will 
begin to crumble, all at once. 
And that lesson that always escaped the grasp of my mind 
will come to life before my eyes and make the 
immaculate seem a nightmare.
What evil's infinite but the one that illudes you and teaches 
you that something as pure ever existed to you. 


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